SPCA Certified Eggs + Grass Fed Dairy


SPCA Certified,free-range Eggs


The Farm

The eggs we offer are from Rehoboth Farm in Yarrow, BC. The farm provides a peaceful, safe and comfortable environment for the chickens. 

The chicken 

The brown chickens have lots of space to roam freely; both outside and inside the open-concept barn with unlimited natural light. In the barn, you will find clean shavings on the floor where they can scratch and bathe freely. There are also plenty of comfy nests for eggs laying and multi-level perches for a good night's rest. 

the egg

Free- Range flavour comes from what the chickens eat. Rehoboth Farm offers their chickens acres of organic grass along with fruits and veggies from Crisp Organics Farm. In addition, they also receive an all-Canadian grain mix and always fresh Yarrow water to ensure the chickens receive all their nutritional requirements. 


grass fed dairy


the farm

We offer milk and butter from Donia Farms. They promote an environment that ensures health, comfort, and happiness. These are essential ingredients to ensuring their cows produce wholesome milk for you to enjoy.

The cows

Throughout the year the cows have access to outside, in the summer they can freely choose between the pasture and the comfy beds inside the spacious barn. During the winter they have access to the outside patios at the back of the barns to enjoy the good weather days.

the feed

The cow's health and well being is the heart and soul of Donia Farms. The diet for the grass-fed cows is made up of 80% dry hay; the other 20% is energy and supplements to ensure they are getting all their requirements.