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The farm store

5802 River Rd, Ladner

Locally Raised Meat

All Natural Beef

J. Baird Cattle Co.
Our beef cattle are Black Angus and Hereford, always raised ethically and without the use of
hormones or antibiotics.

Ground Beef $12.68/kg
Stewing Beef $16.53/kg
Beef Jerky $5.99/100g
Beef Breakfast Sausage $15.43/kg
Beef Dinner Sausage $15.43/kg
Italian Beef Sausage $15.43/kg
Chorizo Sausages $15.43/kg
Farmer Sausage $15.43/kg
Beef Smokie Grillers $6.00
Burger Patties $15.98/kg
Beef Bacon $22.02/kg
Beef Shanks $15.43/kg
Beef Brisket $15.43/kg
Blade Steak $17.64/kg
Blade Roast $17.64/kg
Chuck Steak $17.64/kg
Chuck Roast $17.64/kg
Sirloin Tip Steak $17.64/kg
Sirloin Tip Roast $17.64/kg
Bottom Round Roast $18.74/kg
Bottom Round Steak $18.74/kg
Top Round Steak $18.74/kg
Cross Rib Roast $17.64/kg
Short Ribs $19.84/kg
Prime Rib- Ribs $18.74/kg
Flank Steak $26.46/kg
Top Round Roast $18.74/kg
Top Sirloin Steak $29.76/kg
Top Sirloin Roast $29.76/kg
Prime Rib Roast $39.03/kg
Eye of Round Steak $26.46/kg
Eye of Round Roast $26.46/kg
Rib Eye Steak $41.02/kg
New York Strip-loin Steak $37.27/kg
Filet Mignon Steak $56.00/kg
Oxtail $19.82/kg
Beef Tongue $7.72/kg
Beef Heart $7.72/kg
Beef Bones $10.00

NEW - Tomahawk steak $41.02/kg


Regular Pepperoni $5.00
Hot Pepperoni $5.00
Honey Garlic Pepperoni $5.00

All Natural Pork

shaw family farms
Heritage free-run pork

Ground Pork $5.50
Ham Hock $11.00/kg
Boneless Butt Roast $11.57/kg
Picnic Roast $9.44/kg
Pork Breakfast Sausage $15.43/kg
Ham $21.90/kg
Bacon $27.45/kg
Pork Side Ribs $19.18/kg
Back Ribs $22.05/kg
Pork Loin Roast $15.99/kg
Pork Chops $20.39/kg
Pork Tenderloin $20.94/kg
Pork Cheeks $11.20/kg
Pork Jowl $11.20/kg
Bacon Ends $18.39/kg
Pork Bones $6.00

 For the dog

 Smoked Pig Skin $5.00
Dog Bones (Beef) $10.00

Freezer Packs

Build your own Freezer Pack of mixed cuts and receive a discount!

Send us an email with your order and we will get back to you soon with further details. 




Beef Sausage Rolls $5 for pack of 2

Beef Pies $3.75 for 1 or $7.00 for 2

Assorted Fruit Pies SALE $5.00



SPCA Certified Eggs

Farm Fresh, free-range eggs from Rehoboth farms in yarrow, bc

1 dozen $6.50


Russian Red Garlic $2.50/stock
Garlic Scapes- done for the season

Seasonal Veggies 

Beets $1.49/lb
Rose Potatoes $3/bag (3lbs/bag)
Fingerling Potatoes $4.50/bag (3lbs/bag)

Fresh flowers

Fresh Cut Bouquets $10.00

spice rubs

Handmade in Victoria, BC

Bliss Mix $8.50
Jamaican Jerk $8.50
Rib & Steak $8.50
Cowboy Coffee Rub $8.50


Dry Soups + Salads

Handmade in Langley, BC

Mexican Taco $9.50
Smoky Black Bean Quinoa Chilli $9.50
Wild Mushroom and Rice $9.50
Jamaican Me Hungry Lentil Stew $9.50
Unbeetable Borscht $9.50
Cranberry Almond Quinoa Salad $9.50


Dried wild Mushroom mix

Forged in Northern B.C.

 $12.00 /20g


Steer Manure 

By the Bag $5

5 bags for $20 

For up to 10 yard deliveries please call,




South Surrey Farm 

17256 8 Ave, Surrey


Steer Manure
Aged and screened

Top Soil
Aged & screened with sand

We will load your pick up truck or trailer at our South Surrey farm, please call ahead.