Local BC LAmb

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the farm 

We are proud to partner with Harmony Farm to offer you BC gourmet lamb. Harmony Farm breed and holistically raise 'hair bred' lamb (for meat only), with loving 'care and conscience', start to finish, near Kamloops, BC, Canada. Grown naturally, stress and chemical free, marketed for consistent BC premium gourmet quality meat.

the flavour

Having 23% less fat, Harmony Farm lamb has delicious full flavour without any gamey taste or odour to cook. Smaller bone and minimal trim equals a far higher yield of quality meat per carcass. Sensational lean tenderness of Harmony Farm lamb makes for an exceptional eating experience and is BC's #1 choice for premium quality, ethically raised, local lamb, available year-round. 

Ethically and Humanely Raised

The meat-bred lamb raised on Harmony Farms is treated with the highest level of care from before they are even born. The Porters raise their animals with care and conscience, taking significant time to imprint every single lamb at birth. This means the animals live calm, stress-free lives, are not afraid of their human caretakers and are not stressed when interacting with people