Local All Natural Meat


Premium dry-aged beef

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Located in South Surrey, the feed lot is on 21 acres of land. There, you will find roomy barns, well-maintained pens, sunlight and cover. We raise Black Angus and Hereford cattle without the use of hormones, steroids and antibiotics to provide you with all natural beef. The cattle receive care and human interaction daily as two of the Baird families live on the family farm. 


Our cattle are fed silage (fermented grass) grown on local fields. We finish with grain (barley) to ensure superior marbling in the beef. All of our beef is dry aged for 21-30 days. During the dry-aging process about 40% of water weight is lost- meaning you get more bang for your buck, and less water ends up in the bottom of your pan. Using a quality dry aging process makes our beef not only more tender, but concentrates flavor and produces meat that is superb in taste and texture.


Throughout four generations of cattle farming we have always maintained a high standard of care for our cattle. The cattle receive care and human interaction daily as two of the Baird families live on the family farm. 


free-range heritage pork 

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the farm

We offer local pork from Giesbrecht Farm. The Giesbrecht Farm is a large wonderful pasture located in Aldergrove BC, pigs eat and wander freely around the land.

the flavour and feed 

The various breeds of hogs that live with him include Duroc, Tamworth and Berkshire - all Heritage pigs. Specifically focusing on their diet, which primarily consists of assorted nuts, alfalfa hay, and the overflow produce from grocery stores. This abundant wholesome diet gives the pigs extremely well marbled fat that is soft and buttery in the mouth with a unique flavour. 

ethically and humanely raised 

Brian, the owner and farmer, cares deeply about his work and puts a lot of effort into it. He organizes the farm and nurtures the animals like they are his own family. Feeding them the overflow produce from markets is also a sustainable way to reduce waste in the food industry. 


Gourmet Lamb

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We are proud to partner with Harmony Farm to offer you BC gourmet lamb. Harmony Farm breed and holistically raise 'hair bred' lamb (for meat only), with loving 'care and conscience', start to finish, near Kamloops, BC, Canada. Grown naturally, stress and chemical free, marketed for consistent BC premium gourmet quality meat.


Having 23% less fat, Harmony Farm lamb has delicious full flavour without any gamey taste or odour to cook. Smaller bone and minimal trim equals a far higher yield of quality meat per carcass. Sensational lean tenderness of Harmony Farm lamb makes for an exceptional eating experience and is BC's #1 choice for premium quality, ethically raised, local lamb, available year-round. 


The meat-bred lamb raised on Harmony Farms is treated with the highest level of care from before they are even born. The Porters raise their animals with care and conscience, taking significant time to imprint every single lamb at birth. This means the animals live calm, stress-free lives, are not afraid of their human caretakers and are not stressed when interacting with people.