QUArTERS + sides

*Please note all cuts and amounts are approximate as each animal will vary by size. 


Currently, we are only able to do a Mixed Quarter as we want to ensure the best price and most accurate options for front & hind quarters as well as sides. 


Mixed Quarter 

Price: $8/lb (frozen, cut & wrapped weight)
Approximately 125-150 lbs 



New York Strip-loin Steak (2 per pack) 3-4 packs
Filet Mignon Steak (2 per pack) 3-4 packs
Eye of Round Roast (3-4lb) 1
Top Sirloin Steak 2-3
Top Round Steak 4-5
Ground Beef 20-30lbs
Bottom Round Roast(3-4lb) 1-2
Prime Rib- Ribs 1
Bones 3-4lbs

Stewing Beef (1-1.5lb pack) 9-10 packs
Blade Roast (3-4lb)  1-2
Cross Rib Roast (3-4lb) 1-2
Short Ribs 1-2
Shanks 2-3
Ribeye Steaks (2 per pack) 2-3 packs
Sirloin Tip Roast (3-4lb) 1-2
Brisket 1
Chuck Steak/Roast 1 


adding + substitutions 

Add Lean Ground Beef: +$6.50/lb
Sub Lean Ground Beef; + $0.50/lb

Burger Patties: Ground beef can be subbed out for burger patties for an extra $1/lb.
Pepperoni: Ground beef can be subbed out for pepperoni for an extra $2/lb. 



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