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our Story

At 16 years of age, our Grandpa, James Baird, went to work with his father, who had established Baird and Co. at the first public stockyards in Vancouver at the foot of Fraser Street.

Our Grandpa started feeding cattle with his father in the late 1940’s early 1950’s at a farm on Steveston Highway in Richmond. He met our Grandma, when she arrived from Kenora, Ontario and they were married in 1953.   They bought a ranch a few miles out of Cache Creek towards Clinton, where they ranched for 3 years.  While raising three young children, there were long days of feeding cattle, growing crops, and fixing fences all the while with no running water or electricity.  They sold it in 1961, when Jim Baird partnered with Doug and Mary Stewart, to operate a feedlot in Richmond again. Jim Baird was also hired as a cattle buyer for Canada Packers.

In 1962 Grandpa & Grandma moved through the tunnel, with their now 4 kids, and built their home on River Road in Ladner, and became part of the Ladner community.  They raised their kids on this farm in Ladner, and loved the community, and the life-long friendships they created.  As grandkids, all 13 of us, spent much time here, and have so many good memories.

The Stewarts sold the Richmond feedlot in 1964 and bought the old flax plant on 8th Avenue and 172nd Street in Surrey.   Border Feedlot was built, and cattle have been fed there for over 46 years.

Grandpa partnered with Joe and Linda Volidka in 1970 to expand J&L Meats in Ladner.  The business moved to Cloverdale in 1974, where 10 years later it expanded, to be B.C.’s largest beef packer.

Grandpa bought land from Douglas Lake Ranch in 1986, and built the feedlot in Merritt.  Cattle were fed there for 24 years.

Our Grandpa’s life was the Cattle Business, as his father's was before him.  He negotiated business on his word, and a hand shake.  He had honesty, integrity, and an outstanding knowledge of Cattle.


Our Mission:  To honor the life and legacy of Jim and Joan Baird, and the life we had with them, and because of them.


Our Purpose:  To continue our family history in the cattle business, and to be able to experience the way of life that our grandparents worked so hard to provide for our family.